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Will eCommerce Substitute Retail Businesses in 2021?

There is a lot going on in the world right now whether we talk about the so-called non-pandemic pandemic, the deadly virus that doesn’t kill anyone, or the broken economy and collapsing stability of the financial system. Thousands of businesses been destroyed and forced to close permanently. So what is the way out of this and how to protect yourself financially?

We have something really exciting again. It’s the online training course packed with info and tools, basically everything one needs to build a profitable eCommerce business.

Medium – The Kibo Code Quantum Review

The KIBO Code Quantum by Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth

In case you never heard about these two guys, I will give you a little rundown on who they are first.

Steve Clayton has been working as an executive in a corporate job before he got fed up and decided he needs more freedom in life, not just money. Around 2004 he started his first online business, and around 2008 he met Aidan Booth and they partnered together.

Aidan Booth and his story are a little bit different even though the main mission was the same, to gain more personal freedom in life as well as financial freedom. Aidan got convinced into online marketing when he went on a ski holiday where he met his wife, but at that time they both were living on the other side of the world. So Aidan knew that he must figure out how to gain personal freedom so he can go and live with his wife in Argentina or any place they want.

Besides the Kibo Code Quantum, they have created several more online courses teaching online marketing, all very popular and successful programs.