Augmented Reality Smart Glasses – A Potential Solution For People With Visual Impairment

Remember the time when you visited the eye doctor for the first time and got a shocking news that your eyesight has indeed weakened to an extent that you will not be required to put on the glasses in order to perform your day to day tasks? It was such a huge disappointment and chances are, that you still hate having to keep your glasses with you wherever you go. But let us show you the silver lining. At least with the eyeglasses, you are able to see everything in high-definition and go about your life without having to rely on anyone.

So, while a lot of us are complaining about having to wear the eyeglasses for our routine tasks, there are people who are fighting a battle against blindness or loss of sight who would literally give anything to have it fixed and restore the natural order of their lives for them. You won’t find people with such adversities complaining about having to use a device to navigate through their surroundings. For all they care, you can put a machine over their heads and they’d find their comfort with it just as long as it can help them remove their dependency from other people when it comes to moving around and taking care of themselves.

So, here’s the million-dollar question. With all the technological advancements in the world, have we finally gotten to the point where we can actually and effectively help people with partial or near-complete loss of sight to recognize their surroundings and navigate all by themselves? If you are someone who has had a first-hand experience of seeing a beloved struggle through such a hardship, then the good news for you is that the augmented reality glasses have now been introduced as a potential solution.

Prominent Reasons For Vision Impairment

Vision impairment is no longer a minor concern. According to the latest reports, as much as %1 of the total population is currently fighting a battle against blindness. That makes around 70 million people worldwide and the estimate doesn’t take into account the people with partial or near-complete loss of sight. The number may not appear to be that shocking for you, but take a moment and think of the ramifications and how dramatically does the overall quality of life dwindle for someone with an impaired vision and you would be able to realize how important it is to lend a helping hand to this segment of the population.

The reason why this number of visually impaired individuals continues to rise over time is that the causes for vision impairment could be plenty. It is not just confined to the age-related loss of sight but a wide range of medical conditions manifest in the form of impaired vision as well. For instance, degenerative eye disease, myopic degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma, etc. are all known to cause the loss of sight. What’s even unfortunate is that a number of illnesses that are not directly linked to your sense of sight can also end up hurting your vision. For example, someone with Diabetes is likely to be confronted with retinopathy in the long run if precautionary measures are not taken on time.

Considering the countless reasons which can become the excuse for why people lose their sense of sight, wouldn’t it be amazing to help them out with the all-new augmented reality glasses and help them navigate their surroundings without needing help from a caretaker? We firmly believe that independence is a basic human right and nothing should be allowed to rob someone of such a fundamental right.